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It's a week late, but Episode 29 will be posted tomorrow. This is the "Best of 2003" show. I can sum up the show notes here. #1, we start talking about Tactical Ops. #2. Somehow we forget to talk about it and wind up on FFXI. #3. We come back to Tactical Ops. #4. We talk about the best games of 2003 (HUGE thanks to all who participated!). #5. Some closing comments. Amazing that we have an episode with so few swear words.


I must apologize for recent events that are causing the delay of the show. In all honesty it's (for once) not real life issues or circumstances beyond my control. It's freaking FFXI.

As gamers we strive to find games that are good enough for the time being to completely capture our minds (and hands) and encompass our thoughts. We, just like you, need to indulge every once in awhile. Unfortunately we pretend to deliver entertaiment and a little information on a semi-regular basis. This of course puts us under the microscope on a weekly basis. I hate missing a deadline as much as you do I'm sure, but what can I say? I'm actually HAPPY to have found something that I want to play this much. It's a rare occurance to become totally engrossed in a game that you could care less what happens around you in the real world. It's great :) Isn't that what we strive for? And you would see, if you were there, that we are alive and well and kicking ass in Vana'diel. Wether you agree or disagree with us is your own business. Games come and go, some are short lived (E.T. anyone?), some stay around for awhile (FFXI) some last forever (Pac-Man). Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Chocobo to feed.


Looks like a delay on Episode 29. Give us a few days and we'll put up the best effort for last show of 2003 that we can. Complain here.


PSA: PARENTS! If your children ask for Final Fantasy XI for Christmas PLEASE do NOT buy it for them. Unless you're looking for a full time babysitter and/or you need the kids out of the way and occupied for extended periods of time. Stay away! There should be an age requirement to play something that's more addictive than crack.

Valefor Worldpass anyone? 193.554.6256*.

The FFXI sickness continues, may God help us all.

* = May or may not work by the time you get to it. Don't yell at me if it's expired or all used up. I bought it Friday for a friend to join us.


Nice to know Playmore (SNK) has their heads firmly up their ass. Censorship !good.


Nvidia's ForceWare 53.03 (WHQL) drivers are out. Great timing too, because when we recorded Ep28 (out soon) they wern't (non-WHQL's have been out for awhile), so of course I happened to mention that. They fixed major issues with bumpmapping for me on a GFFX5900. twenty bucks? Got a PSOne, PS2, or ePSXe? Need a good RPG? See RPGamer for the news (Square Enix's "new" Greatest Hits releases (aka not sucky Square titles)).

And while we're at it, GAMER #28 is up.


Free subscription to EGM.


Noooooooooo! Say it isn't so... :(

R.I.P. Black Isle Studios.


If you're going to read anything today, let it be this. Cushion laid it down on the SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2003. Read. Learn. Participate. Little. Yellow. Different.

On a side note : 1) Email was down for 3 days this week (How "*" makes it into my hosts email filter I'll never know), so please resend if anything has been sent our way. 2) Having issues with a harddrive up and disappearing from the main box here. Causing it to hard lock very often, not to mention corrupted data everywhere :( We've got backup machines to record with, but just be aware in case of delay.


Spetsnaz with the hook up on the info about a Fight Club PlayStation 2 game! How can one not buy this?


GAMERadio #27 is up.


[RANT ON] It seems a few people have issues with some basic common sense and computing skills. Allow me to clairify. The format of an email goes something like this, "luser@domain.tld". One may, and often does, look similar to "". Sometimes it gets really tricky, and it might be something like, "".

For some bizarre reason this seems to be very difficult to understand, even with directions implanted in "email harvester proof" addresses. Some common sense and a little luck can go a long way, but they are apparently resources a good many people lack adequate stores of. This is of course not news to me, but Christ, you'd think I invented the idea with the amount of energy I waste with people who can't figure it out. GET OFF TEH INTARWEB.[/RANT OFF]

I swear to god the first person who doesn't "feel me" on this gets shot in the face.

Have a nice day.

(Yes I've been like this all week. Must be 'that time of the month' or something.)

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