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GAMERadio #171 "Call of Duty 4 on Veteran is a joke", is available. No show next week, C4 will be at work. You only have your gluttony to thank. All hail Black Friday. I hope you get that fucking Christmas themed iPod that you just gotta have.

Since it will be yet another week before episode 172, let me whisper some sweet nothings in your ear. First, Assassin's Creed, as I know some of you are very curious about it. If your primary gaming console is a PlayStation 3, don't buy it, it has issues. If you are an Xbox 360 owner, and generally like assassination/stealth type stuff, RENT IT first. It is definitely not for everyone, and may be a little too monotonous for you.

Next up, Mass Effect. While I haven't played it personally, but Kobar has, and so have many of our listeners. Every one of which says, "buy this game". I think that about sums it up.

Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz. Please excuse me, it's time to go stab some more motherfuckers.


Grab the ancient GAMERadio #170 (recorded nearly a month ago) and pray that 171 gets recorded today. :)

The suck news... we can't record next week because C4 has to work. :( Holidays suck. Unless we can slip something in the middle of the week. We'll see.


Sorry for the lack of updates. We took the week of the 27th off due to planned vacation, but since I've been sick for the past two week in a row. -_- Was all better yesterday, then ran into a friend who was incredibly sick. It hit me in the middle of the day yesterday, and now I can barely talk again. Suxor.

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