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GAMERadio 106 is up for download.


In the interest of doing the "____ of the Year 2005" show properly this year, please visit this forum thread and put in your opinion on the categories. In about a week we will start submissions on nominess for the chosen categories.


Zombie5 and xafan present GAMERRadio : Ep 1.


GAMERadio #105 is available.

NO SHOW NEXT WEEK DUE TO C4 BEING AT WORK FROM NOW UNTIL THURSDAY. Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz. Should be recording as usual the following Sunday (27th, airs 30th).

As you've probably noticed, the forums are down. I'm well aware of it, and have been working on it.

**FORUM UPDATE** Thank ye gods, it looks like the forum is back in action. However (here comes a few "maybes") : You MAY need to reset your avatar. You MAY need to change your theme. You MAY need to delete ANY AND ALL "" cookies from your web browser (TRY THIS FIRST IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS SEEING THE FORUM!). If deleting the cookie does not let you back in - or it DOES, until you log into the forum, email me and I have to reset your style (theme). This should only *possibly* happen if you were using the "Glass" colored themes (new ones are installed though, which you can change back if you so desire).


Yarr! I broke yon forums! If you can't get in, delete your hwhq cookie and it should let you back in. That is, until I break it tomorrow, when I attempt to update to the latest PHPBB. Cross your fingers and pray that the database imports correctly if all hell breaks loose...


Finarry! GAMERR 104 is available for purchase free download!


Give it another day or two until 104 gets posted on the site, it needs some more work before it's ready, but the streams aired (but the intro played twice? I'll have to look into that). Until then, occupy yourself with this little gem. Go Bioware!


Looks like I lied, Kobar and xafan stepped up to save the day with a very unplanned last-minute-middle-of-the-night-into-the-wee-morning-hours episode! Hooray! The best part is, this was xafan's THIRD TAKE at saving the show for this week. Because our listeners kick major fucking ass, xafan, mocker, and zombie5 had recorded two takes of what they were calling "GAMERRadio", but due to audio issues they probably won't ever be heard (unless C4 can convince one of them to leak it to him).


Ok, ok, so it was two weeks delayed because of moving. However, this week wasn't a go either, because C4 had family visiting. See you next week.

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