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You know, it didn't even occur to me that some of you might not know what a .torrent is. My apologies. Take a quick glance at this thread in the forums.


There's a neat video on the Zelda Collector's Edition disc called 'The Legend of Zelda : A Retrospective' that's about two minutes long and showcases every Legend of Zelda game across every platform (minus the CDi). It is presented here :

[ DOWNLOAD : Low Quality ]
10.4MB - DivX 5.1.1; 320x240; 32kbps/22kHz mono CBR MP3; "Postage Stamp" version

[DOWNLOAD TORRENT : High Quality ]
51.2MB - DivX 5.1.1; 576x4320; 128kpbs/44.1kHz stereo CBR MP3; "Bandwidth killer" version


GAMERadio #26 is up. No show next week, holiday family stuff.


Episode 26 is done, but not up yet. I'm going to need a few days. We (Hunter, Wulf, and I) did a two hour long episode because we can't do one next week because I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving related "festivities". This should be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Actually, I'm really looking forward to showing my sister what 2nd place looks like (but she always kicks my ass at Wave Race no matter how much shit I talk).

Some random asskick : the IRC channel has been obsessed with an IQ Test (Flash required) that is not culture specific. Another one from eMode (free registration req, I gave fake name and stuff, but real email, I get no spam...) that's great fun because it claims to dictate what type of thinker you are. Kasparov tied X3D Fritz. Sword of Mana. EverQuest Radio (holy crap these guys (and gals!) pwn). GeForce FX Go5700. Max Payne 2 DEMO (251MB). Lupine Games (see : Articles). interview with Xbox emulator author.


#1. Forum activation removed. Seems there are troubles sending out the registration email, so I just removed it altogether. If you have an acount that needs otp be activated, email me and I'll handle it. From now on new accounts will not need to be verified, they just simply become active immediately.

#2. Bobnino is having trouble with his ISP, so his show mirror has been down. The link to his mirror on the show page has been updated to a web based interface for his FTP.

#3. Had a bad week, sometimes I get a little depressed and start to doubt my existence, the show, the universe and everything. Just kick my ass next time.


Connection issues mostly fixed. But that's not what I want to talk about.

After 25 episodes the show is only getting worse. I spent some time today listening to older shows and realized that as disorganized and poor choice of language as they were, they are closer to what the show should be. For quite some time now I've been telling myself the next show will be different. The next will be better... and it's just not happening. I can't stand covering the gaming news as much as we have been. The main reason for that is it's down to one person handling the work for the show. It's easy to pull news and regurgitate it out over the air. That is the last thing that I want the show to be about. Not only is it boring as all hell, everyone has already read/heard it. If you take the time to listen to a show like this, you probably read the same sites we do anyway. It's time to get back to the games. Ideally we could do some "specials" where the episode is all about a certain genre or system, but that's a little in the future. First priority is getting back to a format that is more enjoyable and informative about the games themselves. Forum thread.


When you absolutely, positively, have nothing better to do : GAMERadio #25.

My connection is still hosed. Using what little bandwidth I have to spam hate mail to SBC.

It's that time again. Looks like we've hit my 500MB diskspace limit. MP3 archives of the show are going to be deleted from the bottom up. Please use mirrors (one of which seems to have fallen off the face of the planet) for the older shows. HUGE thanks to mirror providers (listed on GAMERadio page)!

While I'm at it, iPowerWeb rocks. They host this site and have always been extremely helpful.


The show was recorded the other day. Technical issues have prevented me from being able to upload it. Thank SBC Yahoo! DSL. SBC tech support drone after I explain I don't use IE, "Then how do you get on the internet?". :| I am not amused. I pay for this "service".


Oops... I forgot to fix the show notes earlier. Taken care of now. Also the links page has been fixed up a bit.


Forum opened up for guest posting. Hopefully this will encourage discussion.


Ep24 up. How is it we can run so long and I still miss half my points?


Frag.Ops was released early this morning. I camped out on their IRC channel for the release "last night", which should have been at 6PM PST 10/31/2k3. I arrived around 4PM and watched the madness. Eight hours later at midnight I finally gave up waiting and managed to play a little EQ. I woke up this morning to find that it has been released, and that there's plenty of mirrors. Hopefully I'll be playing this for a long time to come. Expect to hear about it on the show this week.

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