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Lookey there, no more show-posting lag now that Oblivion has been put to rest. GAMERadio #135 is up.

Also, some of the show archives had to be put to rest today in the name of 'low disk space'. GAMERadio #066-099 disappeared today and will only be available through our generous mirrors.

oooh... and tomorrow seems to be a good day for the Xbox crowd... the fall update!


Sorry I lagged for a day: GAMERadio #134 is now up!

And an OGG vorbis RSS feed, finally. Jesus that C4 guy is a slacker...


After much delay, here it is, GAMERadio #133!


Oh, and before I forget, thanks to the dickless fuckers at Delta airlines that ONLY stole my Kodak digital camera, a 128MB SD card, and my DS lite charger. Douchebags.


God DAMN it's been awhile. I'll save the pleasantries for another time. The deal is, we missed the show two weeks ago because I was burned out (20 hours of overtime kicked my ass). The last week we missed because I'm on vacation, and was planning a surprise trip across country for a week. My Dad and I dropped in on my sister about a week ago and she does check the site from time to time, so in the interest of not wanting to blow our cover, you all had to suffer. I apologize (if you hang out in IRC you would have known).

Today is our usual recording day, and if it doesn't get done today (I'm officially still on vacation for one more day) it will be another week missed >< I had planned on missing it because of the vacation time and all that, but I just got back in town yesterday and after reading some of the fantastic email we have received I have become all excited to do the show somehow. That's the trick, "somehow". I do have currently (real life) plans for the day which eliminate Mr. Bar from joining the festivities in person, but I might be able to persuade him into some kind of TeamSpeak get together or something. I'll letcha know. Game on!

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