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The Cliffs in case you missed them:

Ep 104 will NOT be recorded/aired next week. C4 is moving, so who knows when he'll get back online. Quake 4 still sucks.

Xafan is truly a hero, and has allowed us to whore some of his bandwidth. So you can grab the latest shows from his site as well as here! C4 has been too lazy, and frankly, not creative enough, to integrate it into the normal site layout yet. So until then, here's the linky.


Episode 103 is available. Too bad I remembered to mention Quake 4's release before I knew what a colossal piece of buggy shit it is.


It's Quake 4 release day... and so far I must give A BIG FUCK YOU to Raven Software.

If you too are getting the "thrown to desktop when game tries to run" try installing this first (worked with my RealTek onboard audio). I hear people running Creative Labs soundcards are finding luck using the latest beta drivers (fuck you too, Creative Labs).

After three hours of fucking with this just to make it work, I don't even think I can sit down and enjoy it now that it seemingly runs (haven't got past the intro at this point yet). Oh well, here are some screenies to look at while you install the game.

Awesome, the problems just keep creeping up. I can get 20 minutes into the game, when suddenly it completely locks up when zooming in. Again, all kinds of people are having this issue. A few people claim to have solved the issue (ATI users) by downgrading their video drivers from Catalyst 5.10 to 5.9.

Glad to see Raven Software saved a bundle by paying their QA team in peanuts.

Now... what are us lowly nVidia users to do?

Awesome, lets say one managed to get it to run, decided to deal with not zooming in at all so as to not gamble with the zoom-in lockup, what else could one face? How about random black screens. There you are, trying to save the world, when you click the button to lower the bridge so you and your squad can travel safely across, when suddenly the screen just goes black. Not a lockup, you didn't accidentally hit your zoom key, just all graphics disappear. You still hear the game running, you can hear shooting, etc. This game just keeps getting worse...


GAMERadio 102 available.

103 should be recorded on schedule (this Sunday) - HOWEVER, 104 will be delayed for a week - POSSIBLY TWO - while C4 moves.


GAMERadio 101 on 10 01 is up. 00110001 00110000 00110001 >< IIIIIIIIII am Cornholio!

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