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Happy Halloween!

Huge thanks to Cushion for hooking us up with a VHS tape of some gaming shows! Of course, we got the mail seconds after we finished recording yesterday, so we didn't get to mention it on this weeks show. Wulf has it in the DivX factory right this minute, and it should be in my hands by Tuesday!


Sorry for the huge delay guys, GAMERadio #23 is up.


Wulf called in sick for the show today, and I don't think I want to bore everyone with my monotone voice for an hour or so. I haven't rectified the speakerphone situation yet either. I looked at some different software to record directly off my modem, but none of them functioned properly - even after heavy configuration. I'm at a loss for what to do. I'm going to take another stab at a show tomorrow. This sucks, I HATE not being able to record. In the meantime, may I suggest catching up on some EverQuest Radio? It's good fun if you're a role player of any sort, not just EQ or CRPG/MMORPGs.


Cushion : I just sent you a pm on the forums as I have been unsuccessful at sending you back an email for a week now. It keeps failing and I'm finally giving up on it. :\ I sure hope you see this...


First off, let me start with bad news. We didn't record this week. It was a decision that didn't come lightly, as I'm a big believer in consistency. We simply were not prepared enough to record today. I am not going to post crap just for the sake of having something available. I also don't have the balls to attempt a solo show. I think that would be extremely boring (but we will never know until I try, right?) I plan on trying to bring something forth for the week, but don't hold your breath. It's my birthday this week and I've got plenty to do between now and then (so basically through Friday is shot).

Now with the good stuff. It's a rare article that I read all the way through. Few and far between that appear to have been written with a lot of thought and genuine belief. Most articles tend to be of the mass-media hype/FUD/advertising persuasion. In any case, it's my opinion that this is one of the best articles I've ever read.


Further demonstrating my lack of skillz I messed around with some random number generation, and wound up with 'xdx', a die roller for pen and paper games. I was on a hunt for one and I discovered they all suck. So here's one more that sucks to add to the pile.


Episode 22 is up and ready. If you don't listen to the show (and/or read the notes), here's a locally hosted copy of the video showing the Dolphin emulator running LoZelda:Wind Waker that I leeched from Emulation64 (note: the video is sped up).


Looks like we'll be recording sometime today. Let's pray to Server everything goes smoothly.


I swear to god episode 21 is cursed. Problem after problem trying to get it recorded, we finally just made due with what we seem to be allowed to produce. Hopefully we've appeased whatever anti-game playing spirits wanted us to fail so miserably that we will be allowed a few sucessful technical adventures in future recordings. I've been a bit quiet lately, blame this whole Half-Life 2 saga. It's great. Make some popcorn and hit IRC or a message board near you. It's like daytime soaps for geeks. Finally!


While you were not watching CNN because you were compiling it, they did a blurb on the Half-Life 2 source leak. While I'm bringing up bad news, Wulf and I won't be able to record on Tuesday this week (as per usual), it'll be Thursday night.


Well, well, well. I knew this would blow up in my face again one day. The current release of Audacity hosed the show we recorded Tuesday night. It's totally unrepairable. :( I've no way to put together any replacemment audio yet either (still working on the speakerphone problem).

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