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Episode 100.


Episode 100 is a bit late, as it's taking FOREVER to edit (it's long). unfortunately, we even missed our stream time this week because of the lengthy editing process. But to hold you over there is the GAMERadio Episode 100 preshow. Knock yourself out.


Episode 99 is up. A tidbit early, as C4 is leaving town and otherwise it wouldn't be up for the next four or five days. Enjoy, the audio quality is MUCH better than 98 (that's not exactly hard to do).


The RSS feed is up (and now works in iTunes too).
Forums are back up, but the old database had to be scrapped, so back to square one.
Doing everything possible for next week's show to have great audio quality, the last few shows have been so painful to listen to... ><


#1) The show archives are back up
#2) The forum isn't, restoring old forum may not happen
#3) Episode 98 is up, audio quality is horrible.
#4) Visit


Ack, missed last week's show due to a horrid work schedule (can't record on days where you have to work 12 hours). SITE HOSTING HAS MOVED, so some of you can see this and some can't. Give it a day or two more and things should be dialed in.

The show archives are still uploading, and may take the better part of tonight, so if a show isn't there, it will be tomorrow. And xafan's mirror should be up and running soon too (thank you so much!) - it's not up simply because of my laziness busy schedule.

Not to mention the forums are out of comission until I have a chance to straighten that out.

Episode 98 has been recorded, and will be up soon!

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