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Added the Trip to the Archives page.


w00w00w00t! Slackware Linux 9.1 is out!
Ready for Release Week speeds of <1kBps? Not this time!
Torrents can be located HERE.
BitTorrent tracker information for these torrents can be located HERE.
alphageek's monster list of mirrors available HERE.
Spread the word, /. seems to be ignoring this...


Episode 20 escaped. Heavy on the cheese. Buy a GCN yet? Huh? Huh? Didja? Didja?


Episode 19 is here. A little light on the topics because we had a short timeframe between shows.


A "leaked Wal*Mart ad" from October 7th, 2003? If it's true, good things to come - $99 Cubes! If you can't wait, it seems the Temple of Consumerism is selling (EXPIRED ~09/20) a Platinum Cube with GB Player for $150.


Episode 18 has landed. Also, due to recent issues with a certain IRC network, I've picked up and left my home of 4 years or so, and moved to Esper. You'll find me in #GAMER and Radio FreeK America's #RFA on


Oh my sweet lord. In the name of all that is holy and right with the world, log on to the Lineage II ftp server and download "" (80MB, very fast). If that game is half as fun as it looks, I'm sold. Just the shot of the mountain ranges (01m01s into the video) was worth the 10 minutes download time for me. Now... if you can actually walk there nobody will hear from me ever again.

Did a round of forum updates too. Should be easier to navigate.


Oh no! No show! We wern't able to record on Tuesday night like we planned to, but we're going to do so Friday. Wulf has eye surgery and I'm supposed to drive him around. However, he expects to be fully operational by Friday. We've been tooling around with a forum also.

GAMER Forum [ beta 1 :) ]


Well I did it. Around five o'clock this morning I put Liquid Snake to rest. That was one hell of a great game! As you may remember, I picked up MGS2 : Sons of Liberty [PS2, $20] already. I wanted to be prepared in case of nuclear fallout... or something. Well, after beating MGS something happened that I'll have to mention in this weeks show - something that caused me to GO OUT AND PURCHASE MGS2 : Substance [PS2, $40] just now. 'What the hell?' you're probably asking yourself... yeah, so am I.


Mirror hosted by modem tuh is online! Thank you very much!

[06:03] I'll spare the details for this week's show, but to give you an idea of how hooked I am, read this : I was determined to play some MGS today if it killed me. I set .hack//INFECTION aside, I nearly uninstalled Tactical Ops, I logged off my IM client, and I ignored IRC. I turned the phone ringer off, and I locked the door. Lights out, 2-liter bottle of Dr.Pepper in hand, I sprawled out across two beanbags and turned on the fan in my controller. The last thing I did on IRC was change my nickname to C4[MGS], at 17:12. It is now 05:44. I didn't quite make it as far as I probably should have, I got stuck in a few places (Sniper Wolf (*rawr!*), and the Medi Room... I was tortured five times until I "got out"). I finally had to quit playing because a) I'm tired of trying to make it to the top of the comm tower, and b) the sun is be coming up soon. Don't expect to hear from me until at least noon today. :)

There now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Site may still be down for some of you, my DNSs are updated, some aren't. I couldn't receive email for a awhile too, but never fear, I've got it now, and no, this isn't the end. :) Far from it, as we're hosted by iPowerWeb now. Check out the sweet deal they've got (no I don't get paid for this, I just think they're lightyears beyond our previous host). With my newfound storage, I was able to put all the old episodes back online again!

Also, I received my copy ("SONY PLAYSTATION GAMES METAL GEAR SOLID MINT") of MGS today. Maybe my definition of the word "mint" is a little different than the seller, "art_world". Apparently his definition is "there's a slim possibility this scracthed plastic disc that once was a PSX game may operate in a PSX/2." Asshole.

I also got my hands on MGS : Sons of Liberty for $20 (Not the 'Greatest Hits' version either!) at CompUSA. Substance is $20 more for features I probably won't use anyway.


I am changing hosts. Expect a few days of downtime. This should allow the storage necessary to host ALL our episodes locally! Schweet.

By the way, quite a few of you are infected with SoBig.F. Fix that shit. I've received 45 (final count for the day) emails today with our little friend in it. I am NOT infected, so if you see an email from "me" with the worm, think again.
Oh, and one more thing. If you're into Final Fantasy Tactics Advance at all, Nintendo is offering a great bundle deal. I ordered mine.


Managed to put up yesterday's episode up. We really dropped the ball and forgot to mention Freddy vs Jason. There's also two audio cd's I've been meaning to mention. Weird Al's Poodle Hat and AFI's Sing the Sorrow. Very good stuff.
And it seems DivX 5.1 was released!


hacnslash's Gaming. How many times have you been pissed enough to intentionally cause something like that to a game related item? Put me down for a half dozen controllers and a TV. Yes, I know I need help.

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