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Score. Sniped a copy of MGS (MSG MINT PS1 NR!!!!!1) for $12.50. NOWHERE in town has it. Pointless post, it's 3am and I was bored... This brings my backlog of games to something like 17. I'm screwed.


I was schooled today on MGS2, which isn't quite what I thought I heard from Super Joe. In any case, I figured I wouldn't play MGS, I'd just play MGS2... so I left it with Flip and Super Joe. I've been told MGS is much better than MGS2, so naturally I want to get my hands on MGS... No place had it locally, so I turned to eBay. This is just a little much for my budget...


Wow, it took three months (to the day!), but it looks like GAMER is alive and well. Episode 16 is ready for your enjoyment. I'll have you know I sat here all day and didn't play Soul Calibur II for more than 20 minutes - just so I could edit the show. Sacrifices... :)

On a side note, it occurs ot me that somewhere I have a digital camera with a few pics from the trip on it... but I can't find the camera. When I do I'll post them on the Trip page.


Woohoo! Hot shit today people. Looks like Wulf and I will be recording tomorrow night (Tuesday night) - and we have something very big to announce for the show. Hopefully it will be a weekly thing and be enjoyed by all. Now you just have to listen to find out wtf I'm talking about, don'tcha?


I take it back... the audio seems to sound fine. Seems the new 1.2.0-pre1 release of Audacity kicks more ass than I thought.

Sweet Jesus I'm an idiot. It's going to be complaint city if you listen to the 3rd part of the trip audio I posted last night (actually, this morning at like 3am). I intended to check it for quality (it's going to *pop* a lot... keep your speakers low if you dare listen), and ended up totally forgetting about it after I installed the necessary encoding software. I was pretty tired and just space it out. I suggest not listening to it until I go over it and upload new stuff. I'll post here when I do (later tonight).


It's Hunter's birthday everyone! Let's all make plenty of old age jokes and play some games in his honor.

I fixed up a few things on Bitrape, my pathetic DivX calculator. Since I can't program worth a damn I get bored every so often and just like playing with the Microsoft controls.

I also updated The Trip page, probably for the last time...


Be sure and check out Blow On This Radio! BOTR can be downloaded here. A great gaming show hosted by djmollusk and RXtasy.


I'm back. Got an apartment in Reno, and hopefully GAMER should commence regularly within a week!

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