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The 'new' E3?


:cries: E3 is no more :(


As you probably have noticed it's summer (duh). You probably noticed a lack of solid content in episode 127 (this is unusual how?). This is mostly an unavoidable issue, as every year the game development cycles are geared mainly for a holiday release, leaving our summers barren and uninspiring. I would like to capitalize on this bleak period with "special interest" topics. A "testing of the waters" of sorts.

As most of our listeners have heard (and kindly let me know on IRC and in email their mixed feelings) by now, we have mentioned a Mac game (by god Hell froze over!) and a whole episode dedicated to gaming on a Linux Live CD called "Supergamer", and have talked about doing a whole show on gaming in Linux (not on a live CD, but a 'proper' Linux gaming episode). That time is nearly upon us, and as some of you have seen in the forum there will even be a special section dedicated to Linux gaming in the forum (it will be opening soon). The goal here is to spread the knowledge about gaming in Linux, and helping people achieve that goal.

As for the future of the show, there are no plans to change from how the show has always been. This is what we are good at and what the listener base has come to enjoy. As soon as the flurry of news from the publishers gets going again you can rest assured we're going to be covering what's hot on any platform weekly. Until then, open up your mind a bit, and explore what else is out there.


GAMERadio #127 is available.


Ok, GAMERadio #126 is ready!


Ack! Show #126 is going to be a day or two late. It needs a little bit of extra time in the edit machine. Apologies...


Download GAMERadio #125 now!


How did this happen... Windows Vista beta 2... Linux... live CDs... Super Tux... it's GAMERadio #124.

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