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Once again, life has kicked the show square in the balls.

C4 out due to circumstances beyond his control, and 'Studio A' down, still, even after being completely reconstructed from the ground up. See you next week, C4 out of town Wed/Thr/Fri.


Argh, teh heatz0r! Make it stop!

We did manage to pull it together for the show this week, it's a little shorter than normal, and C4 was sick (from the heat) but here it is, for better or worse.


Sweet Jesus the gods are against us. There will be no show this week due to FLOODING at C4's place. Floods you say? In the middle of summer? Alas, when your illegal neighbours upstairs don't know how to work complicated devices such as faucets, these things tend to happen. TWICE.
So the recording studio :P is closed until this gets resolved. Good thing this happened over the weekend, when you can't get ahold of any authority around here. Thankfully our local Fire Department still works on the weekends, as they had to prevent the wired-into-the-building fire alarm from shorting out and burning the place down. Kobar has to hang out with family today, so I'm not sure who is worse off. Hmm... what's that smell? Ah yes, the previous renters of this place definetly had cats...


GAMERadio Episode 93 is up.
We experienced some serious technical difficulties (makes it hard to do a radio show when you can't record any sound!) that hopefully came out clear enough (if a bit low) on our makeshift 'studio' (aka Kobar's rig).
I must point out the closing music (which got my vote) - there is a contest called "WoW Idol" on WCRadio, held over at They are in the final round right now (seven finalists) and the winner will be announced on July 9th on WCRadio. Go cast your vote now (free registration required)!


Happy birthday Miss EvilFly. (What, you think I'd forget?) ^_^


A new Pure Pwnage has been released by the PP crew, head over there and check out Ep 7, 'The MMO Grrl'.

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