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Someone make my day and tell me Unlimited Saga and the new Arc the Lad game kickass (Wulf I know you got Arc the Lad). I haven't been enjoying Golden Sun 2 as much as I should be, and I'm dying for a good RPG. Since I'm too stubborn to just give up and quit playing GS2, I haven't touched Lufia or Lunar (we're talking GBA here folks. If you didn't know that maybe you need to play more games :P).


I'm dying to do an episode of GAMER. So much to talk about, nobody to talk about it with. I really don't have much of an internet connection out here, so my news is few and far between. I haven't picked up any magazines either. I have subscriptions to them all, and I know they'll be sitting at my post office box when I return, so no sense in paying $5+ for them again. However, every so often I manage some network access and read as much gaming news as possible. It holds back the game withdrawl symptoms. GBA is not enough.


I'm having a hell of a time without a solid network connection out here. I'm still in New London/Groton, CT. Nobody has any access for me. I've found a few interersting WAP's around the different neighbourhoods, but nothing with a decent connection. Either I can't stay connected long or they're routing a modem through it and trying to play some kind of traffic intensive game whilst I try to pull down a page or two from the street below. However, beyond here I should have solid connections most of the rest of the way, except possibly Montanta (I only mail packages out from my shack in the woods there).


Man does not having a reliable internet connection suck. Hopefully I get this uploaded today, assuming wardriving pays off.


Welcome .net and .org! Any idea how long I had to stalk those...

Anyway, I've been asked 'what is HWHQ?' and I don't think I've ever explained. Yes, I am just insane, but there is a story behind it.

Way back in highschool Wulf and I played a little game called Solar Realms Elite. Then we got into Barren Realms Elite (superior to SRE). The school had a BBS, and there were two local BBS's nearby. We played obsessively. Then it got worse. The beauty of [S|B]RE was that you were only allowed so many turns (turn == 1 game day) per (real) day. This of course meant that you wanted to aim for being first to play your turns that day. As you can imagine everyone tried to dial in at midnight for their fix.

The games were wargames where one controls an empire that has to maintain a healthy government. You have to keep your people happy while maintaining a very strong military. Easier said than done. Other realms attack yours in hopes of stealing your land (or planets) so they can grow. More land meant more income. You could house more people, collect more taxes, mine, produce military units, and other forms of income.

You had to name your empire and that seemed to be a big deal for us. I distinctly remember when I was first told of this game. I was in algebra thinking over my empire when I came up with the name 'Hurricane Force Elite' for my empire. Wulf went with 'Golden Phoenix'. I've always had some kind of weird fascination with hurricanes and I thought the name perfect. Wulf got his off a box of cookies. :)

HFE and GP dominated local boards for months. When multi-BBS play was introduced, and the Leagues, it got very competitive. There is not very many technical people where we lived, so our board was at a disadvantage (we probably had eight real players at most, other boards were easily maxed at twenty-five). Cheating (multiple accounts) was not uncommon on the other boards, and to remain even remotely competitive we had to run a few empires. With my overactive imagination fed by fantasy books, D&D, and videogames I dreamed up this hierarchy that became known as Hurricane World Headquarters.
Each empire had their own Emperor, which I split into areas of specialization. Military, money, food, and wealth. My well oiled machine was a powerhouse and our board typically fared very well. We were lucky to have some incredible players that, on top of being excellent on their own, functioned outstanding as a team. A rare find.

Other games (Falcon's Eye comes to mind) came and went, but nothing hooked us like BRE did. Games similar to SRE and BRE exist today. Earth2025 and Utopia come to mind, but even though they are created by the same people, they lack the magic of BRE. Something about having to dial up on your 2400 baud modem at midnight every day added to the whole experience. Thinking about what you are going to do with your turns that night, while trying to handle algebra class (the only class where the clock seemed to run backwards), kept the game in the forefront of our minds.

These BBS door games were the very first PC games I ever paid for. I had a 386 SX/20 and that's all I needed. No graphics, no Windows (or any GUI for that matter), no mouse. I even set up my own BBS to practice on. That was nine or ten years ago. Gaming was better back then. I hope some day I find something that good again.

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