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Awesome, I'm down here at Jenner's place, and thanks to vvx's help I got my wifi card to behave. Maybe now I'll have more network access on my trip.


How awesome is this. I'm just short of my Austin, TX destination when I couldn't drive anymore. Stopped at this Motel6 and noticed an RJ45 port just behind the TV... lo and behold! :)


Finally got some audio together. I'm at dual's pad right now uploading the goods.


(0130am) w00motherfucking00t! I have to give mad props to my friends Nire and amrit, who got my lame ass back in the game BY GETTING MY MICROPHONE TO WORK. I can't shake this stupid grin. I don't know how many of you experience the thrill of fighting a computer (be it software or hardware) to make it do what you want it to, then to finally win it over, but it's marvelous. I have fond memories from a few years ago of waking up the entire apartment complex by screaming like a damn fool at 3am when I first got my SBLive! card to work in linux (v0.01 'drivers' that were not even alpha at best). Now if I could just get a moments peace I can get something together to share. I'm unbelievably grateful. Good timing too, as the trip just gaining speed from it's slow start. You can expect real updates from here on out. Server providing, of course

(0200am) Ain't this a bitch. This place got raided by it's drunk occupants in the middle of my site update (they went to the bar, I opted for the more entertaining route - obviously), and I managed to b0rk the site for awhile. Some pages were fine, some were totally jacked. Apologies. Hopefully these people will pass out and I can sneak my way back to the ether... 06.15.2k3
Oh man did I screw that up. I drew my driving line on an old picture of the map, which was missing some dots and had some in slightly wrong locations. The worst part is I don't have access from here so I can't change it. On the plus side I'm unable to recieve all the nasty email from my friends that have their dots all screwed up now. By the time this gets uploaded I should have been able to fix it.


Holy crap he's alive!


I regret to inform everyone that there is no show this week. It could not be pulled together with the amount of real actual work that I have been doing. However, this is not the end. I'm about ready to leave for the trip, and the next few days are slated for packing, moving, and other such mundane details. Check the trip page for more info.

This is not the end of GAMER, but as most of you know I have to put the show on somewhat of a hiatus. This is quite bad timing, what with the large number of listeners we've attracted (ok, so a lot of you are from RGR) recently. However, this is not to say there won't be a few episodes "from the road". The problem is that I just don't know. I can't be sure of dates and times and even locations at this point. A lot of help I am, eh?

What I do have is a bit of email that I must share. Since there is no show I wanted to post these here.

cydo totally hooked up the linkage with this and this link to the parachute game mentioned in episode 15 on the iPod.
And modem tuh with the great news about something I really wanted to talk about, video games as art and the Constitution. Don't forget to read the PDF from the Court of Appeals.

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