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The Mac Gaming Special, Episode 15 with Bob Nino is up!


If you've been listening you'd know about my trip. I've added a section to the site to document the voyage.


I present thee with Episode 14. Don't shoot me.


Hell just froze over. I just intentionally clicked on the second banner ad in my internet career. I have never heard of this company before, and have not seen any reviews, but it might be worth checking out. I would do so myself if I wasn't leaving soon. I've been a member of Netflix for about a year now, and have loved it. Well, someone wisened up and made the Netflix equivalent for games! I wish I could check this out.


That was a close one. Nothing like having Audacity suck up all your diskspace and stop saving your work. Thank Server that all was not lost. And so I present to thee, GAMER #12, The Oldskool Gaming Special with StankDawg!


How awesome is this! Dedicated gamer Bob Nino put up an archive FTP for us! Now you can get all the back episodes that are disappearing from the site because my broke ass can't afford the extra space right now. Thank this man!


It's heeeeerrrrreeeeee. Sorry 56kers, it's two hours long. Twice the content, twice the size.


Never fear, Ode and I put together a great episode that I feel makes up for the long delay. Unfortunately, it's 3am (on the 11th) now, and I just can't muster the energy to get it together for digestion. It is priority #1 when I wake up tomorrow (which will likely be noon PST). Yay!


What a great day. My car is thrashed, and the mechanics say after I put the $1000 into it that it needs, it still won't go the distance. I guess it's time to look into another car. Kind of difficult with virtually no money. I'm sure I'll figure something out. The real bitch of the day is that there is still no show. We slacked this week. Something I promised myself I would not let happen. Not only do I love doing the show, it's amazing the number of cool people out there that listen, and who even want to help us out! The people that I let down. I feel like shit about this, and I'm not through yet. We never had a set time and date for the show, but it's generally been Tuesday or Wednesdays. Well, it's Friday morning now, and I'm going to make every effort to round up a troop or two and deliver. I'm personally slammed with "life" stuff, and I put the show low on the priority list, so I place the blame on myself. While we do have an hour's worth of content, it's weak, and I can't see me putting up garbage for the sake of putting something up. And god knows I'm not going to put anyone through listening to me solo for an hour. :) I assure you next week's show will be a whopper though, as we have a very special host and great topic.


Well godamnit, it appears higher powers are at work. The audio from yesterday with Hooks is unlistenable, so I might grab Hunter tomorrow to punch out a show. At this rate I don't think it's going to happen.


Show had been delayed (read: not cancelled) this week. Having logistic problems. Give us another day or two. This will not effect next weeks showtime.


A shot of where I spend most of my time :


It sure is a lot harder to adjust back to a normal sleep cycle than I thought. But thankfully, we have all been watching a lot of movies this week. A lot of new and good movies. This of course comes with the tradeoff that few games are being played. I tried to call Wulf early this morning but he didn't answer. I'll try again tonight. Today I have been occupied with the latest Gordian Knot build. After spending a few minutes with it, I'm lovin' it. If only XviD was a little faster...


Well, that was it. I'm officially unemployed. I'm a bum. I've been unemployed for 2 hours and 40 minutes now, and I'm already smashed. I don't even know how I wound up at the bar.


Well shit. I guess I spoke too soon. When I arrived home from work this morning I received an email from Wulf. The subject read "I am fucked!!!". The email read (direct quote btw), "Airline canceled my fly, and i got stuck in china for one more week!!!". What the hell am I supposed to say about that. On the bright side, maybe I can get his ass to do another show from the Empire. :)


Episode #10 is available. Wulf should be back today...

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