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Goddamn this place is starting to sound like a fucking blog. Not only do I hate that word, I dislike the idea. However, this being a special case, maybe someone else can benefit from my mental trials.

Nevertheless, there is actual information that pertains to interesting things (ie, not my pathetic personal life). I spoke to Wulf briefly this morning, and he will be in-flight during the next show. He was unable to secure modchips, but I bet he brings me back a nice case of SARS. We discussed the future of the show and we are pretty sure that we will be able to maintain GAMER during the voyage. I likely will have a side "show" online about the voyage itself. I think that way everyone will be happy. I don't want to stop the show the way it is currently. Oh yeah, and I finally got off my lazy ass and fired up Xenosaga again. I'm at the last fight. Hopefully I'll play today and finish it.

BTW, you guys are awesome. I've received quite a few emails that have made my day. You know who you are. Thank you all.


eBay is so fucking funny. There you are flying through auctions like mad trying to find the perfect item for you. Invariably you find three or four (I mean, come on, it's eBay) which suit your fancy. Of course they all end around the same time, so you pick one or two to stalk.

The problem here young grasshopper, is that you and every other idiot out there has the same idea. "I'll put my bid in at the last 20 seconds." Well chief, you wern't prepared for the likes of me and my army today were you?

I have learned through experience (and missing out on a sweet Gateway Solo laptop yesterday) that using a Windows box with VisualStudio 6 installed is no good. You can't click and type fast enough when you're battling the masses if VS continually annoys you with three fucking Runtime Errors (holy hell, visiting that page with VS installed pops like 6 RE's. I did not do that on purpose.) per listing page and one or two after you bid or are trying to go back a page to bid higher.

So, I ratcheted back my BitTorrent upstream speed (you need every drop of bandwidth you can get when you're doing battle in the eBay arena) and used the desktop box (WinXP) to monitor the auction (F5, F5, F5, F5...), while I had Moz poised and waiting on the server (Slackware box) ready and waiting at the "Place Your Bid" screen. All fields filled out, everything ready to go. "On my mark, unleash hell!". I gave them what for, and we emerged victorious on the battlefield. It was a moment of celebration and relief for the troops and I (um, "we" would be myself and my IRC homies).

Not bad for what I'm considering a "beater" rig (compare that to the $3600 laptop I had before). The intention of this laptop is not for games. Had that been the case I would have had to rob a casino for the amount of money required to make sure a purchase. The idea behind this box is to be my only companion on the upcoming journey. A hearty squire that won't disappoint, yet won't be sorely missed if lost in the trek. Now to pick myself up a nice wireless card. With cash. Since listening to RFA #60's "worst case scenario" section (which was great fun by the way) I have resorted to wearing my tin-foil hats and not speaking to anyone. You're all spies!


ThinkGeek has the VGS reviewed by dual for only $22.99. Get your oldskool on.


(1300) In some kind of cruel twist of fate, I am still alive. Little did I know one could drink for 20 of the last 42 hours and live. The last 3 days have been incredibly fun, which further complicates things. After listening to this weeks show (it's not up yet, check later) you'll know why it sucks to have fun now. Ironic how it has sucked here for years, and suddenly now I'm enjoying myself... it's almost not fair. So, until the new episode gets finished, go enjoy 2's new rant, "Commercials".

(1715) Aiight, Episode #9 is ready for the taking.

Liz you party too hard. Be careful.


Major lack of updates this week. Life's been way too ridiculous to spend any quality time doing anything I actually like doing. I've also been feeling a bit under the weather (nervousness, not illness) lately. I have some big changes happening real soon and I don't know what's going to happen, or how it's going to affect the show. We will probably discuss this on this week's show. The only good day in the last week was today. I was able to hang out with someone I'll be badly missing in the near future. Take care Jessica.

Hunter and I (with what little game time I've had) have been playing Postal 2 this week. Grab the demo and see for yourself.


Episode #8 is in the hizzy. We've got dual parallel's (of Radio FreeK America fame) review of the oldskool and we've got Wulf in China! What more could you ask for (other than not having to put up listening to me of course).


New episode will be up tomorrow. It's already recorded and just needs a bit of lovin'. Hope you like the sound of my voice.


How's this for the hype machine : Spoke to Wulf and he says he should be good to go for a show this Monday night! I can't wait for the pirate report from inside China! :) And, to push the next episode over the top, we have a very special videogame product review by the man, dual parallel. Get yourself educated (and if you want to hear what good radio sounds like) by listening to his show, Radio FreeK America. I'm looking so forward to this week's show I want to do it now!


I knew I forgot to do something important yesterday. Apologies, I'll try to not let that happen again. Finally, Episode #7 is up and ready for consumption.

BTW, if anyone knows how to access this site from China, let me know. Wulf can't get the show!


Never fear, the new episode has been recorded, it's just in need of some serious lovin'. I got Ode from on the horn, and sometimes he's a little hard to hear. And being the genius I am I continue to use the Audacity beta that crashes on me a lot when I least expect it. I'll be able to put the time into preparation sometime tomorrow, so look for Episode #7 then.

You should also be aware that the older episodes are taking up too much space, and I'm going to have to start cutting back a little. I'm going to start removing the MP3 versions, oldest first. We all should be using OGG (Speex anyone?) anyway.


I hate trying to make a post off four hours of sleep. Thie following jumble of words that will pour forth makes sense in my head right now, but of course I'm still picking crusty stuff from my eyes and trying to type. So check it out, today is the day where I'm leaving town for my days off. Of course I can't get ahold of anyone where I'm going, so now I'm questioning even heading out. Wulf made it to China, he called to tell me how great it was. Nice of him to rub it in. And Hooks is settling into his new apartment about 40 miles away. So, what of the show this week? I don't know yet. Hopefully I can wake Hunter from his hibernation when I return, or maybe, if we're good boys and girls, I can get Ode Rainwalker back on. We're definetly going to have something for you, and it's not for lack of material, I assure you. Big thanks to 'JG' for dropping some sweet ideas for the show. Once we get our shit reassembled we're going to have some very cool shows.


Not sure if this article has shit to do with anything, but it's interesting (and short, so go ahead and read it). According to the article (which is wonderfully titled "Lower income=more video games") "hard-core gamers buy six or more games per year" Just how high does this scale go? What about >6 per month?


It appears that we've decided to not do anymore shows. It's way too much work to sit around all week and play games, watch movies, and then TALK about them. We're not machines. It was fun while it lasted.

I noticed our good buddy Ode, over at, trashed Xenosaga yesterday, and gave it a nudge today. We're thinking of assembling a five man hit-squad to take him out. Funny how if it was a recent Final Fantasy game I would have cheered him on. Recent Final Fantasy games have nothing on Xenosaga.

In totally unrelated, useless news, I decided to not leave town tomorrow. Looks like snow, and I don't want to have to drive through that crap on my way back. Maybe next week.

[ Just kidding about not doing the show anymore. It *is* April 1st after all... :) ]
[ ......And to prove our worth, Episode #6 is up! We're not going anywhere...... ]

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