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Jesus will rise June 17th 2008.


GAMERadio #181 is available.


[X] Upload HQ archives (that took ages)
[4/5] Update site for all of this (filesizes need update)
[_] Get an Asterisk server up (*gulp*!)


Ok, enough keeping everyone in the dark. No show for two weeks - but NOT because we're lazy - some real life stuff got in the way that prevented us from recording today (ok, so, last week we were just lazy).

This is not to say that I haven't been busy doing some things to improve the future of the show.

Here is what's cooking and how far along things are:
[X] Bring back the archives (originals)
[X] Improve the audio quality (now ~64k!)
[X] Re-encode archives from master WAVs(~64k!)
[X] 'Tag' new files (ID3 tags like every ep)
[3/4] Upload HQ archives (almost done, taking forever)
[_] Update site for all of this (archives, MD5s, etc)
[_] Get an Asterisk server up (for call-in guests!)

So, as you can see, the past three weeks have been very busy for things pertaining to the future of the show. Sacrifices must be made to find time for all of this. Therefore we are going to have to miss two weeks worth of shows. However, it does look like it will all be worth it in the long run.

We'll see you next week, with or without the Asterisk server (which looks like it is going to be a pain in the arse - I absolutely SUCK at phone stuff).


Gary Gygax
July 27, 1938 - March 4, 2008


Surprise! The GAMERadio archives are back online! Every episode, that is #001 to current (#180), is available in their originally released form.
Credit 'meteoryte' for inspiring me to get off my lazy ass and put them back up.
For the time being the site will not be changed to reflect the availability of the older episodes. That is a lot of work and I think I'm cooking up something else. Even more special.


GAMERadio #180 is up, Kobar is alive!

It is truly amazing how fast time passes. While Kobar was battling the bubonic plague we crossed an important day... February 25, 2k8 marks FIVE YEARS of GAMERadio.

As a bit of celebration I will be increasing the quality (and therefore filesize, much to the dismay of dial-up users (feel free to complain)) of the shows. Additionally, I've got another treat up my sleeve that might take another day or two.

In the past (three years ago?) we had server space and bandwidth issues. This is not so anymore. Thank our host, DreamHost, for their great services.

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