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People never cease to amaze me. Due to a bug in the 007 Agent Under Fire save game, a hacker claims to be able to run unsigned code on an Xbox, without a mod chip, using a buffer overflow method! Verification at this point seems to be sketchy, but a few of the forums and websites are already verifying it. I bet Microsoft's lawyers were not happy being woken up so early this morning. Let's hope this is for real, and not an early April Fool's Day gag. A little dose of Linux this morning, anyone?


Let me bring this to your attention. I love hearing about weird pirate stuff. I'd like to hear about more current consoles pirate crap too. Let me know.
As far as next week's show is concerned, I believe we're going to save the day. "The show must go on" and all that. In fact, based on the material I already have, it might not suck. :) I only really need to be away for one day, and if we do the show before I take off I could have it up a day or two later. I'd say 'keep your fingers crossed', but I know you're using them to play games right now.


(0215) I knew something bad was going to happen. It was all too easy editing the show today, and sure enough, it got corrupted. I was using the latest beta of Audacity (1.3.1), and the tail end (last 15 minutes or so) of the show disappeared. I'll get on this soon. Look for it sometime today.

(1310) Ok, let's try this again. I uploaded the new show and it appears to be ok.


Episode 05 is up. While you're downloading it, let me take this time to apologize for not bringing a lot of material to the table for the show today. Next show we should have much better coverage - as in actual information and topics. Tonights show was a little rough around the edges and a little more freeform. Nevertheless, we had a good time recording it, and we hope you enjoy listening.
On to the scary topic of next week. Wulf will be in China for THE WHOLE MONTH of April. Hooks is moving about 30-40 miles from here, and I have been planning a trip to the Chico area to visit my dad. Next week seems unlikely for a show. HOWEVER, Hooks thinks he will be around, and Hunter isn't going anywhere. If we time it right, we could do a show before I leave. If not, I'll try to work on something to listen to. I just don't know what yet.


New show should be up late tomorrow night. I hope our listener (that's singular on purpose) enjoys. It's next week I'm worried about. Stay tuned, we'll probably mention on tomorrow's show what's up.


In my online misadventures today I ran across this test. What Video Game System Are You? Apparently I'm an NEC Turbo Grafx-16. I loved that system.

Before I head out to work tonight, I want to say hi to Mark (who pimps IBM Linux wares), whom I met last night at work. He gave up going to a party in his hometown to drive five hours to get here, to stay in a (corporate owned?) condo, and to spend the day skiing. Instead, he was locked out of his place, had to stay at a crappy hotel, eat their shitty hotel cafe food, and pay way too much for his room. I don't think he had the energy to ski today. Hopefully he's back home now enjoying Morrowind or Dungeon Siege. I rarely run into cool people while at work. It refreshing to meet someone who's clued in. Maybe it's the thin air up here.


As much as I hate IGN you would think I would have heard of Phuck IGN before. They seem to have a good thing going over there.


How did manage to miss out on such big news? Slackware 9.0! Of course, doesn't have the front page updated yet, but and #slackware ( and think differently. Want the best list of mirrors around? Thanks alphageek!

I pulled myself together and got the show up. Lets hope I don't die at work tonight.


The fourth episode has been recorded - don't wet yourself yet, I got really ill after the show, and couldn't manage to get it fit or human consumption. Ode Rainwalker is finally on the show, but we misjudged the power of Wulf's speakerphone, and there are occasionally a lot of popping and other bad-for-your-speakers sounds when Ode speaks. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the energy to remedy this as best I can. I think we just need to run the show through an anti-suck filter.


Ok, this totally fucking kicks ass. Some of these (free!) games here show more creativity than the last few efforts from the big names. You have to check these out.

Also, go grab yourself a slice of CyberSlackers. A great comic updated five days a week. Let's hope they can keep up the good work!

No, I haven't started Xenosaga yet. I had to get some sleep yesterday, and today I've been occupied with working on my resume (I hate my job) and dicking around the internet. It's been a long time since I have just sat down with my favourite beverage and surfed blindly. You wouldn't believe some of the shit you can find.


As you know (had you listened to the 3rd episode)I'm having a hell of a time with Suikoden III. I've since wiped Sarah off the face of the planet, but now I'm stuck with some kind of huge crystal looking dragon that has the True Runes floating around it. If it wasn't for that damn True Water I'd beat it's ass. Any suggestions?

LATER : Well at long last I was able to beat it! Thank god. All it took was a few more levels and a little bit of luck. Now I get to dive into Xenosaga. So don't expect to hear from me for awhile.


Get yourself a little action with the latest show. God knows your not getting any anywhere else!

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