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C4 is attacked by a 'The Boss'.
The Boss hits C4 for 3 points of mental trauma.
C4 swings at The Boss but misses.
The Boss hits C4 for 4 points of physical exhaustion.
C4 cannot take action this round.
The Boss summons Bill Gates.
C4 uses IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on Bill Gates.
The Boss readies Work Meeting.
Bill Gates cannot take action this round, rebooting.
C4 uses Bitching and Complaining on The Boss.
Must be higher level than 'The Boss' to be effective.
Bill Gates uses Windows Vista launch on The Boss!
Modified Work Meeting to Mandatory Meeting!

The Boss casts Mandatory Meeting on C4!
Saving throw against Mandatory Meeting (17).
C4 rolls a 12.
C4's class ability 'Gamer' adds +2 to Work Related saving throws with the skill 'Complete Apathy'.
C4 rolls a 14 against Mandatory Meeting.
C4 does not have Doctor's Note (+20 against all saving throws) in inventory!
C4 is paralyzed!
C4 cannot take action this week!
The Boss leaves C4 alone.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but someone has to deliver it. Today, Sunday, Recording Day, I had a hard drive failure.

Not just any HDD either, it's the most important one that I have (and I have many). Instead of recording I spent the entire day trying to recover most of my data (this includes the show .WAV archives).

$196 that I don't have readily available to piss away on replacing the newest drive I have (6 months?). Fuck you Seagate.


GAMERadio 145 has been up. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to update the site. Most of you know where to look when it's out (Monday evenings) anyway.


GAMERadio 144 is up.


Happy New Year and all that. GAMERadio #143, the Games of the Year 2006 episode is now available!

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