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Blow on this Radio #5 was released today.


FFXI Commercial #3 had been... wait... wait... no it hasn't!^^ GAMERadio #32 The Inexpensive Episode has been completed. It's a day late and a dollar short (blame friends from out of town visiting) but what else is new?

All hail the new mirror! Just as I start deleting the older OGG episodes to make room on the server, TEXTFILES.COM has graciously mirrored MP3 and OGG versions of the show! One hell of a place for all kinds of info - check them out.


FFXI Commercial #2 (aka GAMER #31) is up. Yes, the FFXI insanity has to stop. We'll be back to our regular nonsense next week.


Armchair Arcade has opened it's doors! Yes, AA opened a week ago, blame my pipe dream of becoming a ninja in FFXI for missing out when they first opened. Go there. Now!

From Mr.Loguidice's post:

Armchair Arcade:
The "Armchair Arcade" team has launched their long awaited first issue. This new online publication is dedicated to publishing articles featuring unique insights and treatments that cover electronic computer and gaming history, reviews, and analysis. The first issue contains five different articles of varying length that provide good examples of what future content will be like. The exciting first issue of Armchair Arcade is available at

Articles for the first issue include:
- Game Packaging - A Look to the Past When Treasures Beyond the Game Were Within the Box
- A Treatise on Videogames
- Intellivision vs. ColecoVision Parts I and II: BurgerTime and GamblingGame
- Atari - A Tale of Two Systems, Part I: Atari 5200 and Atari 7800
- Turrican vs. Metroid: A Complexity Issue


Episode #30 : FFXI all the time.


Earlier than expected, look for episode #30 before the weekend!


modemtuh with the hookup on some World of Warcraft screenshots. Have a look (5.5MB worth of pics, 56k beware) and form your own opinon.


Ah hah! I was looking for the words to describe how I feel about the holidays and I think 2 has said what all have a hard time putting into words. Grab his rant.


Just a little update. I expect to be able to start recording beginning the first week of February. Anything before that would be divine intervention.


Free subscription to GamePro.


We won't be around making new episodes for a bit yet, so let me point out the Links section.

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